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Gourmet Italian style pizza with pepperoni, bacon, lots of cheese on a wood pizza tray and fresh tomatoes garlic pepperoni and flour in the background
Pizza Near IUP - College students eating pizza out of the box and laughing against an all white background
Snow White look-a-like cartoon smiling and twirling with a pizza hoisted on her hand with "Serrianni's"spelled out along the bottom of her dress, she is smiling and looks very happy.

What makes a Gourmet Pizza "Gourmet"?

1. The Toppings

A Gourmet Pizza is best with locally grown, organic vegetables, meats and cheeses. The best tomatoes, seasoned properly with herbs used to make a great, rich more

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Pizza Near IUP - College Students Choose Free Pizza Over Friends' Privacy

Two college students were avid seekers of pizza near IUP and, of course, free pizza! Chris and Taylor clicked in AP physics during high school, so they decided to attend the Indiana University of Pennsylvania together. While others at the University see Chris and Taylor’s relationship as more

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Legend of Free Pizza Near Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Cont..
One Way Around an Ethical Dilemma

Now, some people might think that giving someone else’s email address to a business, without their permission, might be a bit unethical. However, it is free pizza we’re talking about here. To mollify their ethical concerns around giving out their friends' email addresses unpermitted, Chris submitted the email addresses of Taylor’s friends more

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A Pizza Tale

So, it’s a sunny day in Indiana PA., and I was craving a slice of hot pizza. Not just any slice of pizza, mind you. I wanted something special. I was on the hunt for a classic slice of gourmet Italian style more

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