Play4Pizza – Win FREE Pizza!


At Serrianni's, we like to PLAY and who doesn't like Free Pizza? We run a variety of contests and games to reward our customers for their business, which we appreciate very much! Read about our past promotion, where we gave away pizza in exchange for email addresses. Our current game is a lottery! That's right, step right up for awesome pizza deals!

Game Details

  1. Get one free ticket with each pizza you purchase.
  2. Check your ticket numbers against winning number posted every Monday right here.
  3. Bring your winning ticket with you when you order your next pizza to spin the Serrianni's Play4Pizza Wheel to redeem pizza prize!

                                           (Tickets expire 30 days after issue date)

Week of (11-24-2019) Winning Number is 15447

Week of (11-17-2019) Winning Number is 15425

Week of (11-10-2019) Winning Number is 15354

Week of (11-03-2019) Winning Number is 15332

An image of a italian style pizza with feta cheese pizza sauce and it looks like it was baked to perfection
An animated image of a woman wearing a pepperoni pizza dress and she is dancing, spinning around and around, she has long dark hair and she is very pretty