Legend of Free Pizza Near Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Cont..

Pizza Near Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Pepperoni pizza slice dripping with cheese

The Legend of Free Pizza Near Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Continued…

One Way Around an Ethical Dilemma

Now, some people might think that giving someone else’s email address to a business, without their permission, might be a bit unethical. However, it is free pizza we’re talking about here. To mollify their ethical concerns around giving out their friends’ email addresses unpermitted, Chris submitted the email addresses of Taylor’s friends and Taylor did the same with Chris’ friends. Between the two of them and their cliques, they were able to get a full month of free pizza at their house near Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Everyone at Indiana University of Pennsylvania Joined In

As their friends started receiving unsolicited emails about this pizza place they too got in on the act. Each of the recipients of the unsolicited email was also offered the opportunity to submit email addresses for a free slice of pizza. Our pizzeria near the Indiana University of Pennsylvania was quickly flooded with email addresses. That manager was happy about the new customers coming her way. And, while she gave away a lot of free slices, many people came back and made purchases for full pizzas and calzones, and it became a financial boon for her business.

An IPU Professor Weighs In

It didn’t take long for the whole Indiana University of Pennsylvania to be aware of what was going on. In fact, most of the faculty and staff were soon in on the act of passing along email addresses for a free slice of pizza. The professor of ethics was asked about this whole idea of sending businesses someone else’s personal email address without permission. His reply was, “It’s free pizza! What are you going to do?”

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