Serrianni’s Pizza Shop Serving Indiana, Pennsylvania

Also Serving, Pittsburgh PA. Clarksburg PA. Clune PA. Shelocta PA.
Jacksonville PA. West Lebanon PA. And Homer City PA.

Serrianni’s Makes Pizza Like No Other – Discovery Why Our Gourmet Pizza Is One Of A Kind!

an animated giff of a bycycle with pizza wheels, the wheels keep spinning, it pretty funny :)

Serrianni's Pizzeria
2987 McIntyre Rd
Clune, PA 15727
(724) 726-8010

Looking for some Authentic Italian Pizza made with a
genuine New York Style Pizza Crust, Homemade Pizza Sauce
and Topped with only the freshest ingredients? That's what Serrianni's
is all about. And with over 65 years of  experience no one does it better!  

New York Style Pizza Dough is an offshoot of Neapolitan Style Dough.  NY Style is still a thin crust pie, but slightly thicker than its Italian cousin. It folds easily, like a good Pizza should. The crust is thin enough to make the two corners meet when you fold it, NY style Pizza crust is flexible but tough, chewy and crisp in all the right places.

The tip of the slice points down and is weighed down by tons of cheese and your favorite toppings. You turn the slice around and hold it above your mouth. The cheese and toppings are about to slide off the crust. You lower the slice. Take a small bite. As you pull the slice back, you have to use a finger and your thumb to separate the toppings and cheese from the pie. It’s all stringy and chewy and perfect. That is New York style Pizza.





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